Version 3.2 released

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Version 3.2 released

Postby Derek » Tue Sep 20, 2005 7:24 am

Wave Corrector v3.2 has now been released. . The following features are new in version 3.2.

* The track scanning routines have been completely rewritten. Track detection is now much more reliable and there is now the option to give the program a target number of tracks to find.
* The click scanning options have been revised and expanded.. This gives additional scanning and correction options for advanced users.
* The signature line is now displayed in the main window as well as the overview window. This permits clusters of corrections to be identified more easily.
* The graphic equaliser has been considerably enhanced. There is now the option to expand the bottom 10% of the frequency range and the filter can now be configured with the keyboard as well as the mouse. The filter also now correctly takes account of the sampling rate and adjusts itself accordingly.
* In spectrum view, the frequency scale is annotated with values, scaled for 44.1 and 48kHz sampling as appropriate.
* Maximum width corrections are now always given a magnitude greater than 30.
* Minimising is now possible during loading and recording.
* A new Cancel Block command has been added.
* A new command has been added to convert cue markers to track markers
* Now tests for ape version 3.97 when loading ape files.
* Drag/drop to the batch window has been improved. The program now checks for valid audio files and allows the dragging of nested folders.
* Track information in the Overview window is now provided by floating ToolTips.
* When the main window is in Track View, the display is now scaled logarithmically (to match the Overview window).
* Bug fixes:
o Fixed overflow in normalise function when 0dB selected
o Fixed crash when opening a file when there is a huge non-audio data chunk at end of file
o Fixed test for drive when saving - now does case insensitive test of drive letter.
o Fixed test filter process when graphic filter changed - response is now recalculated before test.
o Fixed record meters going to spurious overload when input signal equals zero.

To upgrade from a previous version, go to the Download Page and download and install the latest version, allowing you computer to overwrite the previous version.
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