Wave Corrector v3.3 released

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Wave Corrector v3.3 released

Postby Derek » Tue Sep 26, 2006 1:46 pm

Wave Corrector v3.3 has now been released. The following features are new in version 3.3

* It is now possible to scroll between track boundaries. This has been achieved by providing a new 'Track View' to complement the original 'Waveform View". Two new buttons have been provided on the left hand panel to switch between the two views.
* A time scale is now displayed at the bottom of the main window.
* It is now easier to enter track properties: the track title box is pre-selected when entering the edit window; and the track artist is copied from the previous track when tabbing to the artist box (only of box is empty).
* You can now use the scroll wheel to zoom the main display.
* The method of selecting and editing the noise profile has been improved.
* There is now a ‘dual noise profile’ option intended for removing background noise from large diameter shellac records.
* The play track commands have been amended. There is now the option to play from cursor as well as to play from the beginning of the track.
* A problem with editing overlapping corrections has been fixed. The waveform no longer no longer changes after a correction is 'applied'.
* The track detection algorithm has been further tuned.
* The program now gives a warning when trying to save to a read only file.
* The program now saves the default folder properly - as used when saving and opening files.
* It is now possible to view a session file properties without actually loading the session.
* It is now possible to open a session file when the associated wave file has been renamed.
* Bug fixes:
o The sequence Scan - Test Filter - Superscan no longer causes a crash.
o Fixed crash when selecting block in overview window when end of file exceeded.

To upgrade from a previous version, go to the Download Page and download and install the latest version, allowing you computer to overwrite the previous version.

Note, with this release, Wave Corrector has been renamed Wave Corrector Professional. A new version of Wave Corrector called Wave Corrector SE (Standard Edition) has also been released. See the download pages for more information.
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