Wave Corrector PE v3.31 and SE v1.01 released

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Wave Corrector PE v3.31 and SE v1.01 released

Postby Derek » Sat Nov 25, 2006 7:59 am

Wave Corrector PE v3.31 and SE v1.01 have now been released. The following features are new in these versions:

* The time scale background colour now toggles between tracks.
* Noise Profile detection is now more reliable
* Bug fixes:
o fixed resource leak drawing time scale.
o fixed block shifting left slightly during selection.
o fixed left and right buttons not working for audition original and corrected. (only affects PE)
o fixed time scale errors after cut and splice. (only affects PE)
o fixed splash window no longer shows 'registered' if standard key present. (only affects PE)

To upgrade from a previous version, go to the http://www.wavecor.co.uk/wavedl.html and download and install the latest version, allowing you computer to overwrite the previous version.
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