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Wave Corrector on a Mac

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:09 am
by renowden
No, this this is not a request (though on second thoughts ... :) )

This may only be of academic interest but I needed it. I have successfully run Wave Corrector on XP-Pro under VMware Fusion on a Mac Pro 8-core running OS-X Leopard. The Guest OS is configured with 1G memory and a duo-core processor. It is blisteringly fast doing filters and normalisation in a fraction of the time of my old PC.

The only slight glitch was that in the track start audition, the play position line started late. It didn't appear until about half a second across the section though it seemed to be in sync with the music. The track end audition was fine as was the wave section audition.

The output device selection is a bit odd - there are two choices - one goes to the headphone socket only and the other goes to the line out socket only (I will give exact details if anyone is interested).

I have not tried the record features.

The only negative feature is that the Mac mouse has a horrible scroll nipple which makes it hard to control the time base zoom which I like to do fast and often when correcting flaws. I may have to find an alternative.

Overall a great success.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 12:54 pm
by Derek
Yes, however it's not necessary to run a full copy of Windows to get Wave Corrector running on a Mac.

If you have an Intel Mac, then you can run Wave Corrector using Crossover Mac. See

Similarly on Linux, you can use Crossover Linux.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:50 am
by renowden
Thanks for the link - I hadn't come across that one before. When I have trimmed my Win applications down a bit more (I am migrating as much as I can to native Mac) then it may be a better solution than VMware. What I have done initially is to migrate my XP image straight to a Fusion window and am now gradually moving stuff to native but there will always be some applications which are Win only ;D

PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:49 pm
by Glenn
Good for you, Rick. Now that Microsoft has secured their position of dominance by giving away previous iterations of their OS they've decided to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy :lol: and are now forcing people into rediculous license agreements. Paying $170CDN for an oem license for winxp for one pc only is fair enough. But then I find out I have to call them for "approval" if I make any significant equipment changes. This is too much.

Now I'm hearing they want to strongarm pc manufactures into installing Vista only and stop loading xp. Soon they'll announce they will no longer be supporting xp, so basically I'd be buying permission to rent an obsolete license. I don't have a problem with progress but if things keep going the way they are, we'll all have to submit to rectal exams before we log on to 'Micronet Central' to pick up our email.

I'd really like to get off this ms treadmill, but I'm not enough of a geek (no offence intended) to deal with the numerous compatibility issues. I'd really like to see a serious competitor move into the market (Google perhaps?) with an alternative os, one with true compatibility for all the software and hardware dependent on the current monoply. I'd happily pay for a license that allows me to administer my pc the way I see fit.


PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:07 pm
by renowden
Hi - following your suggestion, Derek, I have tried WaveCor on Crossover Mac and am quite impressed. My feeling is that it is a bit more responsive than running on VMware Fusion, particularly there is no discernible lag between the wave form display and the sound heard, eve at fine resolutions. That was a bit of a problem under VMware when trying to locate clicks by ear. installing LAME in the same bottle was no problem so that works as well, though you get no terminal type display window with the LAME progress.

You should consider putting it up on their Compatibility Center list - there are thousands of other products on there but few work as well.

Edit: disregard the rest of this post - I don't know what was going on when I tried it but it works just fine now :?

The only problem I have found is not a WaveCor problem but trying to configure the input device for recording. You get two choices "CoreAudio WaveIn 0" and "wine wave in mapper" both of which seem to do the same thing and pick up from the analogue line in on the Mac. That is all very well but I also have a Digital Line in and I am considering getting a high end outboard multitrack device and can fid no way to change the settings.

I am using Rogue Amoeba LineIn to do pass through and SoundSource from the same people to route audio signals but no combinations seem to do the trick. I know you are not a Mac man but perhaps someone else has tried this and has some answers.

P.S. VMware Fusion is no better in this respect - it offers only "Creative Sound Blaster PCI" emulation or "Microsoft Sound Mapper" neither of which get the digital line in.

Recording System Sound in WC on Mac

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:10 pm
by renowden
Recording System Sound - that is the sound output of other programs such as the browser for web content or games - always requires some dexterity and other software but I have now figured out how to do it on the Mac with WaveCorrector running in Crossover for Mac. Why would you want to do this, well WC is the best recorder around isn't it. As for what to record then I will leave that to your imagination.

You need to install SoundFlower (free) from
This adds extra logical sound devices to the system (unusually for Mac it requires a reboot). When that is done, run SoundFlowerbed from the Applications/SoundFlower folder. This will put a little flower on the menu bar. Dropping this menu down, set SoundFlower (2ch) to Built In Line Output.

In System Preferences - Sound set both Output and Input to SoundFlower (2ch).

Now anything that comes out your speakers will also go to WaveCorrector! ANYTHING - so it is best to shut down things like Skype in case someone rings you.

Other Sound applications (all free) that are useful on the Mac are Audacity, a heavyweight sound recorder which I use for altering the eq on really bad recordings. Also LineIn & SoundSource both from Rogue Amoeba. The former does a pass-through from input - output handy for monitoring (turn it off in the above scenario) and the latter gives better control over Sound Preferences and, for instance, allows system dings and bonks to be routed to the tinny internal speaker rather than the main sound output.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:17 pm
by renowden
Just to keep you up to date, I have now tested with Crossopver v11 (which implements Wine v1.4). A + and a minor -.

The difference I have noted is in device support - it now recognises all native Mac devices rather than rely on the pre-set default input and output streams. This partially removes the need for all the extra stuff that I mentioned in my last note one this thread.

The small negative is that it now pops up a spurious error message and a small piece of text is garbled.

The details

When you press the record button and select a file you get the message "A device ID has been used that is out of the range for your system". Clicking OK on this then gives the normal record screen but with the device set as 'AE3 (actually it is single-right-quote, AE-ligature and digit-3). It all works normally though. To select an alternate input device you don't need to use System Preferences any more, just click Devices and select the one you want. The Record Volume Control field is blank (but I can't remember if it contained anything before). On clicking OK you get the same spurious message again and the Devices field is now blank but it works just fine.

I expect that this will be fixed in due course but it may indicate a weakness in the code for Derek.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:39 pm
by Derek
Thanks for the update Rick. It's appreciated.