Best approach for a recording setup

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Best approach for a recording setup

Postby pauldesmond » Thu Feb 10, 2005 3:10 pm

Hello, can I ask a quick question regarding my recording setup?

I am currently getting okay results using the following: turntable -> intergrated amp -> line in of Dell notebook. It works but I'm sure there is still quite a lot of room for improvement...

I really need to address this before attempting a large vinyl restoration project and have 2 main options on the table, which I hope will improve the weakest link in my setup (notebook soundcard):

1, bypass the integrated amp and notebook internal soundcard using a reasonably cheap USB preamp (Steinberg or Terratec) - approx £60


2, bypass the notebooks internal soundcard by using an Indigo Echo I/O card (PCMCIA II) - approx £100

The second option was my first choice, but it still relies on my existing 18 yr old integrated Marantz amp (although it did recieve good reviews, for a medium budget, at the time).

Does anyone know how good the Steinberg or Terratec preamps are, and whether their direct USB connection (bypassing any sound card?) would be better than the Indigo card (which I understand is well respected in recording circles)?

Many thanks, if you need any more info please shout.

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