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Track Splitting

Postby stevegunner » Mon Oct 10, 2005 6:43 pm


Your new track splitting algorithm is much better than it used to be - congratulations. When I used it this past weekend it produced pretty accurate boundaries.

However, I noticed that it gave a fairly wide separation between the end of a track and the beginning of the next, which was ignored by the "play corrected" button. In the past I have had to enter 2 track boundaries to split tracks, putting the unwanted space in a separate track which I subsequently do not save. Is there any way I can manually generate a "wide" track split in the same manner as your algorithm? If not, could I suggest this as a future enhancement; perhaps by selecting a block which I wish to ignore?

While asking for enhancements, could I also ask that Wave Corrector remember the settings that I last used? I do get a little tired of clicking the H Smp/div box and its neighbours every time I open the programme to get it to the setting I want!

Thank you for an excellent product - it must be one of my most used programmes and certanly the best supported.

Steve Gunner
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Postby citguy » Tue Oct 11, 2005 12:04 am

Hi Steve. I know Derek will respond but the 'play corrected' always includes the removed material. You can skip over it by clicking on the bottom screen where the cursor is moving (don't know what it's called). Also, rather than creating a separate track to dispose of, just leave the unwanted material attached to a track and eliminate it by 'adjusting the boundry' (in up to 10 seconds per square) or, if there is a lot of it, use "cut and splice" under the block menu. Cut and splice can take out hugh pieces of material (several minutes worth). I didn't realize how much material 'cut and splice' could remove til just recently.
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Postby Derek » Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:46 am

Stan has already answered your quesion in his usual eloquent way and there is very little I can add.

Regarding the 'Play Corrected', it plays over the gaps between tracks but the audio is muted during these periods. To audition the start and end of tracks, use the Audition Track Boundary button after selecting the boundary you want to hear.

Regarding your wish for the scale settings to remain persistent between sessions, a number of users have asked for this and I'll try to include something in the next release. I've held off from doing this because there are advantages to having Wave Corrector start in a well defined state, especially for novice users. However, I'll try to devise a stategy that caters for both novices and experts.
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