3.3 install leaves 3.2 in add / remove programs list

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3.3 install leaves 3.2 in add / remove programs list

Postby Ray Bell » Sun Oct 15, 2006 1:28 pm

Today I was tidying up my computer and uninstalling some unwanted stuff when I noticed entries for both Wave Corrector 3.2 and 3.3 professional in the Windows Control Panel Add /Remove Programs list. If others find this be warned that removing 3.2 will actually uninstall 3.3 and you will lose saved settings and registration information. 3.3 does however remain on the add / remove programs list. Running a copy of 3.3 beta which was not removed by the uninstall confirmed that the registration details had been erased.

I half expected this to happen and made sure I had my registration info before I started so this was not a problem. All I lost was some personalised scan settings and default paths which were easily reset.

I completed the process by uninstalling 3.3 from the add / remove list then re- installing and re-registering and everything sems fine.

As with my previous post I submitted this to the support forum but I'm not sure it really belongs there as I don't actually have a problem I need help with. However it doesn't seem to fit in the other categories either, do we need another category for this sort of post or would it be better to send a private email to Wave Corrector support?

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