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Wave Corrector under Vista

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2007 4:39 am
by Tony
Does Wave Corrector work OK under Vista Business? It would be nice to know before I try to install it :)

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 6:53 am
by Derek
Yes, Wave Corrector runs fine under Vista apart from a couple of minor issues that will be fixed in the next release.:

1. Wave Corrector uses the WinHelp help system which is not supported by Vista 'out of the box'. However Microsoft have an free update on their download site that fixes this problem.

2. Vista uses a redesigned sound mixer that is not directly supported from within Wave Corrector. This means that the 'Set Volume' button in the Wave Corrector Record Window does not work under Vista. To set the volume you need to double click on the Vista Sound mixer icon in the system tray.