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Another newcomer has problems with volume level

PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:33 pm
by loonykev
Hi, I've just joined today, and am failing to keep volume level to an acceptable level. I'm using Vista Home Premium with SP1, and with mic. volume turned down to 1, and zero boost, the left sound level is going into the red. Equipment : Cambridge Azur TT50, playing through a Dual CV5600 amp. with the feed taken from Tape 2 output to the mic input on a Sony VGN-FZ21M laptop. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Regards, Kevin Hall

PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:28 pm
by citguy
Hi Kevin. I have no idea if your Tape 2 output is a "line out" (no volume control) or controllable with your amp volume control. You obviously need to reduce the signal either from the amp or with your sound card controls if you have them. Others will probably have more specific suggestions. Do you have another input besides "mic". Mike inputs usually have too much gain for line signals.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:05 pm
by loonykev
Hi Stan, Thanks for the response. The output from the amp is a line-level output, no volume control, and there is just the one input. I'll keep fiddling around till something works.
Regards, Kevin

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 2:59 pm
by Derek
The main problem is that you're using a 'mic' input and not a 'line' input. Mic inputs are much more sensitive than line inputs and hence you are getting the overload problem. Another problem with the mic input is that it is probably mono so you won't be able to record from a stereo source.

If your laptop doesn't have a line input, the best solution is to use a usb sound capture device such as the Xitel Inport.

Another possibility is to use an in-line attenuator but unless you are handy with a soldering iron, these tend to be quite expensive as they are sold in hifi shops. :) An attenuator would also not overcome the mono problem (if you have it).

good luck

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 4:47 pm
by loonykev
Hi Derek, Thanks for that information, I was beginning to think there was something wrong with what I was doing, as signal bars for both channels were jumping around before I had started playing a recored. I will investigate the purchase you suggest and try again.
Regards, Kevin
p.s. I'm sure the laptop has a stereo input.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:08 pm
by citguy
Hi Kevin. Vista has volume controls but they appear to be "hidden". The web is full of chat about this problem. This is one solution I found but some respond that it did not work. You may have to do some googling about "Vista record volume control" to find out how to do it.

Right click on the volume icon in the notification area. Select Recording
Devices. Select Microphone then properties (lower right). Then select the levels tab.

It appears to be a Vista issue.


PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:59 am
by Derek
Yes, if your laptop is recording in stereo, then it may be more sophisticated than I thought. So definitely follow Stan's suggestions.

If the volume bars were moving before you started playing your record, then it may be that the laptop's internal microphone was still active. You should find out how to disable it when you make your recordings.

Also, I should have mentioned that if you buy the Xitel Inport, it entitles you to Wave Corrector PE at the reduced price of $39. Therefore, let me know if you purchase one and I'll refund the difference from what you paid.