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Splash screen and closing WC

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 4:04 pm
by Jean-Paul
Hello (from France),

First, sorry for my english :oops: ! I hope you will excuse me :wink:

Now, two suggestions :

1- The splash screen : is it necessary ? I would like a option to make it not appearing when the program is launched.
2 - It is not possible not to save a file without exiting WC. If I answer "Dot not save", the program is closed. I would like just to close a file without closing WC; is it possible ?

Thanks !

PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 5:22 pm
by Derek
Hello Jean-Paul

Your English is fine; better than my French :wink:

Regarding the splash screen, yes I could make it optional. In case you don't realise, you can immediately dismiss it by clicking over it. You don't have to wait for it to time out.

Regarding closing a file without closing Wave Corrector, I'm not sure why you would want to do that - other than to open another file. You can do this using the Open (or Batch Open) command on the file menu. You will then be promted to save or abandon the current file.

If you choose 'do not save'; and then 'cancel' when prompted for a new file to load, then the program reverts to its idle state.

Does this answer your question?

best regards

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 8:27 am
by Jean-Paul
Hello Derek,

About the splash screen, I was always waiting for it to time out ; I had never thought that the solution was so simple :oops: Am I a bit stupid ? :?

Regarding closing a file, you give me the good solution, that is exactly what I wanted but I must say I should have read the help file more carefully because the answer was in it (Loading Files into Wave Corrector)...Should I change my eyes ?

Thank you for your help and good Sunday :wink: !