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Batch Processing enhancement

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 5:11 pm
by rmhodgson
I use auto on/off (in the recorder) plus batch open of the resultant WAV files to maximise the work the computer can do without me in permanent attendance. Track splitting / refinement and naming are obvioulsy still an issue. Would it be possble for batch open to work from a session as an alternative to a raw WAV file? That way I could track split / track name first after recordng - doing so without click or hiss improvement - saving the result as a session (Omitting click and hiss etc speeds up that process considerably). I could then submit the session to batch open to complete click, hiss, filter, normalisation, treble lift etc etc and save the resultant tracks to mp3 (or whatever) - all in one go and completely unattended. That would be heaven !

PS Wonderful product anyway - just fiddling with ergonomics so that I get to see the wife occasionally