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Postby renowden » Wed Jan 09, 2008 5:59 pm

This is the last of my suggestions and incorporates three separate but related ideas for tag handling.

Album Artist

As I have mentioned before, there is a need for a separate "Album Artist" variable. This could be set using a separate box on the "Track Properties" window, defaulting to the entry in the Default Values for Track Artist. I would suggest a new tag code e.g. %R (for external encoders) and keyword (say AARTIST) for the file naming rule. I don't think LAME allows the setting of album artist by switch yet but others may.

Tag codes and Keywords

It is inconsistent to use the wordy keywords for the File Naming Rule and % tag codes for the external encoders when they perform the same function. I would suggest abandoning the keywords and sticking with the % codes but there are other possibilities such as a combined code %Artist, %Album etc. for both (which would remove the current impossibility of having a folder called ALBUM). Backward compatibility may need to be retained.

Additional tags

It should be possible to set additional tags per-track. I need DATE and COMPOSER but there are probably others. It should be possible to define a customisable interface with some presets for the existing tags and space on the end for user definable ones. This would extend the "Track <n> Properties" window as required.

I can see you baulking at these ideas because tagging in media files is a bit of a minefield.

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