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Zoom Presets

Postby renowden » Wed May 13, 2009 10:19 am

Prompted by Glenn, this is my only new "wish". Since using a mouse with a very fast scroll (Apple MightyMouse) it is not very easy to zoom in and out accurately like I used to. The control in the left margin is a bit slow and hard to locate for repeated use.

The suggestion is a couple of preset zoom buttons would be nice. The way I work when auditioning a recording is to do most of it at 2s resolution which gives a decent amount on the screen but enough detail to see potential problems coming up. When an area of interest comes up I like to switch to 0.1s to take advantage of the spectrogram zooming in further with the scroll wheel if needed. So the key presets I would use would be 2s and 0.1s but others might like different values.

While writing that I remembered that the setting of Spectrogram display doesn't stick from one session to the next.

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