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Block function enhancement

Postby Karel Bilek » Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:13 am

I used WC for correcting hundreds of records. Most of clicks are automatically removed, the rest I mark up by “Tab” during replay and take them manually out. So far so good.
Some stubborn clicks are extremely difficult to find. Sometime it takes minutes to find single offending click. I am using various blocks to cut out sections and rehearse for click disappearance by narrowing down the click location. For two clicks close together even that is not enough. Then I have to expand the wave and go visually through cycle by cycle.
Most recordings I use in FM radio broadcast so the quality has to be good. Correcting three minutes of song sometime could take me even hours.

While standard click removal is fantastically fast, I would appreciate for block function locator of clicks that could be slower but more sophisticated. Locating either excessive slope on wave or locating / plotting bursts of energy within block.

Or has anyone found better method than I am using?
Karel Bilek
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Postby Derek » Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:36 pm

Hello Karel

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I don't know a better (even if slower) method of detecting clicks. The problem is to discriminate between unwanted clicks and wanted music that has click-like characteristics.

A good technique for manually tracking down clicks is to use the spectrogram view. If you haven't used this, I'd strongly recommend giving it a try.

good luck
Derek Higgins
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