Block Operations

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Block Operations

Postby dave.daniells » Tue Jun 07, 2005 9:00 pm

This is something I have found to work, although it doesn't appear in the help text regarding 'BLOCK' operations.

When setting a block, then playing the wave file region containing the block the sound within the block is not played. So, having heard a fault,I set and then move a block until the audible fault is not heard. I can then progessively reduce the time-scale to search the block for a fault.

However, once having located what I think to be the culprit, I then have to progressively increase the time-scale before being able to cancel the block (by clicking outside it) before once again refining the timescale to find and correct the fault.

It would therefore be useful if there was some way to cancel the selected block, so that I could edit the fault without all the other mouse-clicks.
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Postby Derek » Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:09 am

Thanks for the suggestion. It would be very easy to implement a cancel block command but I don't quite understand why it is necessary.

The feature you describe is indeed provided to help locate clicks and other aberrations. When a block is selected, the audition commands audition the ‘cut and splice’ operation. In other words, 'Audition Original' plays the section without cutting the block and 'Audition Corrected' plays the section with the block cut. This enables you, as you describe, to home in on a click and remove it (using either 'cut & splice' or an ordinary correction). The idea is to progressively narrow the block while zooming in with the horizontal scale controls. Therefore, you should never get to a position where the block is wider than the screen.

I think I must be misunderstanding some aspect of your description. Please can you clarify why the cancel block is required.

Sorry if I'm being a little dense!
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