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Happy with Beta Version

Postby ramiller » Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:30 pm

I downloaded beta version 7/31 and would like to say how happy I am with it--I use wavecor mostly for pop and click removal. I transfer mostly classical lp's to cd and the AGC option helps greatly in eliminating false positives, while allowing you to be more agressive in the low level portions of the lp. I recently transfered a Mercury lp (SR-90435) to cd. This lp has many strange transients(ratchets, pistol shots, bells, typewriter) and created many false positives at detection level 2. With the previous version, it took a great deal of time to remove these false positives. With the beta version I rescaned the same lp with various advanced settings and settled on an AGC setting of 2 and upped the detection level to 4! this actually produced less corrections, and the only false positives was the typewriter (which sounds a lot like a pop anyway) while still correcting every audible click on the record--while still being more aggressive in low level sections--a great improvement--It took about 15 minutes to get better results than I got in 3 hours with the previous version because I didn't have to eliminate so many false positives, and did not have to block super scan so many short low level sections at a more aggresive level than my initial scan. The noise discriminator is useful too--on orchetral bells a setting of 2 eliminated a few false positives there also, but I feel a setting of 0 here is best, and block rescan sections that have bells. Making all wide corrections at 30 or more helped too (easier to find and correct--usually you have to repostion the correction in addtion to narrowing). The narrow or wide correction to me seems to be a toss-up-- the narrow seems to get more corrections right, but the ones it doesn't fully correct are harder to find--probably best left wide so the errors will be 30 or more and easy to fix. The Min. Magnitude I did not use on the lp, but I think its self explanitory-- and probably useful on a great many projects.

Wavecor was a super value in the previous version--With one lp I think this version is twice as good.

By the way -- I run win98 se and had no problems with

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