Set fade-out allowed before track boundary change accepted

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Set fade-out allowed before track boundary change accepted

Postby deadpoirotsketch » Mon Sep 05, 2005 12:17 am

3.2b on XP sp1.

May not be a bug as such.

If track boundary has been adjusted and the accept/abort dialogue has not been clicked you are allowed to go to the menu and select Track Properties and in the Edit dialogue for a track you are allowed to set a fade-out time and OK. The new fade out does not appear in the yellow bar above the waveform. If the accept/abort track boundary dialogue is now clicked the change to the track fade out is lost from the track properties.

If the accept/abort dialogue is clicked as expected, i.e. before accessing track properties, the track properties fade out setting and display works as expected.

Although what happens above is logical, allowing changes to the track properties before the track boundary change has been accepted implies that wave corrector is working modelessly, and it can be done accidentally (yes, I did it!). Perhaps track properties should be greyed out while the track boundary accept/abort dialogue is displayed?

PS: Sorry for posting suggestions in the wrong thread.
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Postby citguy » Mon Sep 05, 2005 1:54 am

I did not realize you could access the properties if the accept/abort was still pending. I have never done so accidently. I usually set the boundaries on all my tracks, then the fade out and later readjust the bounderies if necessary by moving the fadeout. I can't imagine why I would want to set the fadeout before knowing where the boundries needed to be. I use 98SE. Maybe I'm missing your point.

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Postby deadpoirotsketch » Mon Sep 05, 2005 12:49 pm

As I indicated I discovered it accidentally.

It isn't a question of whether one would want to do it, more a question of whether one should be allowed to do it.

I may be wrong but I understand it is good programming practice to allow only acceptable choices at a given decision point. It shouldn't be hard to make a menu option choice or button greyed-out or unselectable just before the accept/abort dialogue box appears and then to restore the options when the selection in the dialogue box has been made.

I wouldn't claim this to be a fatal error. Whether Derek decides it is something to address is his decision - I just prefer a user interface where what might be considered a loosed end, though trivial, is tidied up.

Actually if you are trying to disguise a blemish at the end of a track (say) then you might want to try various combinations of track boundary and fade out without compromising your original selection of track boundary - in which case modeless selection with the accept/abort dialogue pending would be useful. However this would probably be much trickier to program than simply not allowing it, and as you indicate most people couldn't imagine ever trying such a thing anyway, so it wouldn't be worth the effort of implementation.
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Postby Derek » Mon Sep 05, 2005 3:13 pm

Yes, this was an oversight on my part. As you say, the tracks Properties command should be inaccessible during boundary adjustments. I've now fixed this. The fix will appear in the next release.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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