Auditioning corrections.

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Auditioning corrections.

Postby Ray Bell » Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:38 pm

Last night I used version 3.3 in earnest for the first time and everything worked as expected. Auditioning the most severe corrections, as I usually do, I found that Wave Corrector had done a very good job of correcting most of them. When I tried manually tweaking the few which remained just audible I was unable to improve them further so either Derek's algorithm has improved or I'm losing my touch!

Auditioning lots of corrections I noticed something which I have heard with previous versions but which appeared to become worse towards the end of this fairly long listening session. When I audition a correction with the minimum duration of playback there is sometimes a spurious click at the end. In the past I assumed this was just the inevitable transient which will sometimes occur if a waveform is truncated at a peak. However, thinking further, this does not explain why the spurious clicks only seem to happen at the end of the section and not at the beginning (perhaps some psychoacoutic masking?). Last night however the frequency with which these clicks occurred and their severity seemed to increase as I auditioned corection after correction and at the end of the session they were sounding more like a 'burst of static' than a single click. It seemed as though perhaps some random data was being appended to the block Wave Corrector sent to the sound card. Has anyone else noticed this or is it peculiar to my system?

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